Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FUNNY : 16


Log kehte hain ki khuda ne aapko badi fursat mein
banaaya hai...Theek hi kehte hain, faltoo kaam
fursat mein hi to kiye jaate hain.

Colour of ur underwear reflects ur mood:
Red: Wild
Black: Sexy
Blue: Romantic
Pink: Seductive
White: Calm
Yellow: Time to change it...

Everyday same wishes! Are U bored of it? Let it be
difft this time: Let the
 devils sing around U, Mummies dance around u,
Vampires sit beside U. 
Have a horrible day!

Ek c Raja...
Ek c Rani...
Dono mar gaye khatam kahani.
Na thalle hun ki dead body labni hai?

Meaning of ABCDEFG : A Boy Can Do Everything
For Girls.
Reverse the letters GFEDCBA
Girls Forget Everything Done & Catch new
Bakra Again

Kabhi ye mat socho tumhare gf/bf ya wife/hubby
ne tumhe kitna romantic msg bheja hai, sirf yeh
socho ke Use kisne bheja hoga ?

Height of Kanjoosi: A Bania's house has caught fire
& he is giving miss 
calls to the Fire brigade!

Most of my friends are normal, sane, cultured, decent,
intellectual &  well-behaved persons... Just wanna
thank you for breaking the monotony!

Police arrestd a drunkard & askd: Where r u goin?
Man: I'm goin 2 listen lecture on ill effcts of drinking.
Cop: Who'll lecture at midnite?
Man: My wife...

Grammar Teacher: Rahul sharaab Nahin Peeta Hai.
Is sentence mein 
Rahul kya hai?
Pappu: Madam! Rahul chutiya hai...

Valentine special: Dunyia wich reh k rangaa wich
kho jao.. Kise nu apna bana lao ya kise da ho jao.. 
Je kuchh vi ni hunda taan....Chakko 
Rajaai te so jao.

I Love You is 8 letters long. Then again, so is bullshit.

Q: Which type of Women wear Revealing Clothes?
A: Those who don't have Confidence in the Imaginative
powers of Men!

Law Professor: Which is the most important LAW of
Finance for 
Starting a New Business?
Student: Father-in-Law!

Agar aap chahte hain k apke face pe dhool-mitii na
lage to Roz subah  lagaiye Asian Paints ka Apex
Ultima jo dhool-mitti ko tikne na de!

What's the biggest pressure for Pak captain when
Pak needs 1 run to win in 8 ovrs, with 5 wickets
in hand?
Ya Allah! How to speak English in presentation

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