Friday, October 16, 2009



Smile in pleasure... Smile in pain... Smile when trouble pours
like rain... Smile when someone hurts u... Smile coz someone
still loves to see u Smilinig.

Talk happiness. Talk faith. Talk health. Say you are well,
and all is well with you,
and God shall hear your words and make them true. Gud Day

If fate favours you one day and u are asked what u want to
be, don't wish to be someone else because u are wonderful 
the way you are! Gud Day!

Laugh at ur mistakes, but learn from them. Joke over ur troubles,
but gather strength from them. Have fun with ur difficulties,
but overcome them. Gud Day!

Life's like a piano, the white keys represent happiness & black
show sadness but as u go through life's journey, remember
that the black keys too make music! Gud Day!

Happiness keeps u sweet, trails make u strong, sorrows keep 
u Human, failure keeps u humble, success keeps u growing &
God keeps u going! Have a sweet day!

Jeevan ki har situation mein hamare paas hamesha 2 raste
hote hain: Bhaag Lo (run away), or Bhaag Lo (participate). 
Choice is urs. Gud Morning!

Birth was not our choice, death will not be our choice, but the
way we live our life is our choice, absolutely ours! So enjoy 
it and have a nice day.

Prayer is the right key to open the day and to lock the night,
it also leads us the way to Gods Heart. So, don't worry
and have a Gud Day!

Don't go the way life takes u, take the life the way u go.
Remember u are Born to Live, but not living coz u r born.
 Gud Day!

Wash your face and wash your feet! Now it's time to fall 
asleep. Yours eyes are weak and mouth can't speak so
hope this night shall be nice and sweet. Good Night

A very original Good Night wish only for U! Beware of the
cheap duplicates... I'm the
only authorized dealer for Good Night wishes.
 Good Night...Sweet Dreams.

Life is an echo; all comes back, the gud, the bad, the false,
and the true. So, give the world the best u have & the best
will come back to u. Have a gr8 day.

Hayo Rabba!! Tussi so gaye? Inni jaldi? Ik mint ruko mainu
Gud night te bolan deo ji!! Gud Night hai ji ! O tussi chaho 
to sweet dreams bhi dekh lena.

Smile in pleasure, smile in pain; Smile when trouble pours 
like rain; Smile when someone  hurts U, Smile coz someone
cares 4 U. Keep Smiling.

There are two eternities that can really break you down,
Yesterday & Tomorrow. One
is gone & other does not exist! So live today only. Gud

Please open ur eyes, so the Sun can rise, flowers can 
blossom, birds can sing, as all r waitin to see a beautiful 
SMILE in ur face & say Gud Morning.

Knock! Knock! May I come into ur world? I bring no flowers,
no gifts but wishes to keep u fresh, prayers to keep u healthy
& luv to keep u smiling. Gud Morning!

Life is only traveled once; today's moment becomes
tomorrow's memory. Njoy every moment, gud or bad,
coz the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself. Have a nice day.

Night is longer than day for those who DREAM & day is
longer than night for those who make their DREAMS
come true. Wish you Gud Night & Sweet Dreams!

Wash ur face... wash ur feet... now it's time to fall asleep.
Ur eyes r weak & mouth can't speak... so, lets hope the
night shall be nice & sweet. GUD NIGHT

Arz kiya hai, Teri galiyon me na rakhenge kadam... 
Aaj ke baad... Kyonki kichad bahot ho jata hai. Barsaat

Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune, sapne surile
sapne..... So just go to sleep and see what I have chosen
for U... Gud Night

Monday went on Tuesday 2 Wednesday and asked 
Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that 
Sunday is a holiday. Have a Great Sunday

LOOK...the moon is calling you, SEE...the stars are
shining for you, HEAR... my heart saying Good Night.

Sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful 
dreams, a blanket of care to keep you blessed in life and
a prayer to protect you always. Good night!

May God stay with you this day, and give you peace of 
mind. May He give you a happy heart, & His luv all the
time. Gud Morning & God Bless!

All village people decided to pray for rain. On the day 
of prayer all but only 1 boy came with an umbrella. That's
faith. Hv faith in urself & God. Gud Day!

'Talking once with a genius is equal to the knowledge of
reading books for one month' is a Chinese proverb. 
So feel free to contact me any time. Good Morning

When u r too fast to get somewhere, u miss the fun of
getting there. Life's not a race, so take it slower n 
enjoy the music before the song's over! Gud Morning

A butterfly lives only 4 few days, but still it flies 
joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life 
s indeed precious, live it fully, live it lively. Gud Day!

Either U can complain coz roses hv thorns or U can 
rejoice coz thorns hv roses...Just a beautiful way 2 say
that Life is the way U luk at it. Have a great day!

Heated Gold becomes ornament; beated Copper becomes
wire; depleted stone becomes statue; so, the more pain u
 get in life, more Valuable u become. Gud Day!

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