Friday, October 16, 2009



Life is full of beautiful things: soft sunsets, painted rainbows,
delicate blossoms, luv & laughter, quiet moments & fantastic
people like me. Enjoy it!

Smile is a lnguage of Luv. Smile is a way to get success, Smile
is to win the hearts. Smile improves ur personality. Brush daily.
Gud Morning

Life is never hopeless however great ur sorrow, if
you're luking forward to a new tomorrow. Have a blessed,
hopeful & perfect day!

Open ur eyes, so the Sun can rise..., Flowers can blossom...,
Birds can sing, because all are waiting to see ur beautiful
Smile. Gud Morning.

Someday somehow whatever u prayed for will come true.
It may not be in the exact package u wanted but it'll b
what  God thinks is best for U. Gud Day!

Whatever happens to ur day just relax & manage to 
make a smile.
Life is not a problem  to b solved but a gift to b enjoyed.
Make everyday ur best day!

Look Outside... It's so pleasant! Sun Smiling For U... 
Trees Dancing for U... Birds singing for U... Because I
requested them all to wish U Hapy Birthday!

With petals of Roses, Palm full of Holy water, Light of
Full Sun, Fragrance of Flower and Grass with dew, I
wish u a very special Good Morning.

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling &
even more beautiful is knowing that u r the reason 
behind it. Be a reason for others to smile. Gud Day!

Wake up & wink those teeny weeny eyes. Stretch those
inzy winzy bones, wear that jolly winning smile & tell
urself today is a beautiful day. Gud Morning.

No matter the sky is black or blue, no matter there's stars
or moon, as long as ur heart is true, sweet dreams will
always be wished for u. Gd Nite

Life will be pleasant, if we are satisfied with what we have.
But will be more thrilling
 if we make efforts to achieve what we desire. Gud Day!

Instead of feeling inferior coz someone else can do s
omething you can't do, concentrate on what you can
do that others can't. Gud Day!

Your kindness may be treated as your weakness still be kind.
Your help to others may go unneeded and unnoticed still be
helpful. Gud Day!

Don't expect much from others and get disappointed,
but do not disappoint those who expect much from U. Gud Day!

No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, 
God won't give problems without solutions. So, go fearless
and face it!

When God solves ur problems, u have faith in his abilities.
When he doesn't solve ur problems, he has faith in ur
abilities! Gud Morning.

On the path of success always lies big O's, many read
them as Obstacles, only few read them as Opportunities.
Attitude matters a lot. So always be positive.

Life isn't a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a
jar of chillies. What you do today, might burn your ass 
tomorrow! Gud Day!

Destiny is simply the strength of ur desires. If u cry at a 
trouble, it grows double. If u laugh at a trouble, it
disappears like a bubble! Have a Great Day!

A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under
pressure. So imagine how brilliant a Human can be by
sustaining pressures of life. Gud Day!

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