Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FUNNY : 13


Boy: Tum gaana bahut achcha aato ho.
Gal: Nahin, mein to sirf bathroom singer hoon.
Boy: To bulaao na kabhi, mehfil jamaate hain.

Biscuit maker's Luv Letter: Dear Marie yesterday was
a very Good Day, our meeting was truely Nice, but the
chance of our Luv is 50-50 coz ur dad is a Tiger.
Will u give ur Littlr Heart 2 me? Otherwise I'll become 
a Krack-Jack

Angry boss: Tumne kabhi Ullu dekha hai?
Executive (sar jhukate hue): Nahin sir.
Boss: Niche kya dekh rahe ho ? Meri taraf dekho.

Girls Psychology - Fraud with Innocent Boys; Fun with
Handsome Boys; Friendship with Charming Boys;
Contacts with Intelligent Boys; Flirt with Freaky
Boys; Love with Faithful Boys & in the end Marriage with
 the Rich Boy

When I send SMS to u, it doesn't mean that u have to
do the same... U can also send fruits, drinks, pizza,
chocolates by courier. DD & Cheques r 
also accepted.

Q: Agar do pipal ke Pedon ko ek rassi se bandh diya
jaye to us rassi ko 
kya kahenge?
A: Us rassi ko bolengey NOKIA - Connecting pipal.

Beauty is not how you look, it is not how handsome u r,
it is not ur figure
too... Beauty is the inner self, so change ur underwear

Gal: Do u have any sentimental love cards?
Shopkeeper: How about this card, it says 'To the only
boy I ever loved'
Gal: Great! I want 10 of them 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
hi hi ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho ho... Kuch nahi yaar bas aapki shakal
yaad aa gayi!

It's the sweetest thing to do. Do it the bed, on a sofa,
in the bathroom or anywhere! U must never stop doing it.
It's called Prayer! God bless ur 
naughty mind.

Ki kariye lokan da, har gal nu lok jhamela kehnde ne,
Je sms na kariye ta kanjoos, te je kariye ta Vehla
kehnde ne! 

Oh menu dekhi jaandi c, main ohnu vekhi jaanda c
Oh mneu dekhi jaandi c, main ohnu vekhi jaanda c
Na paper mainu aanda c, na paper ohnu aanda c

What's the difference between wife n neighbours
wife? Wife is a chocolate, can have any time.
Neighbour's wife is like an 
ice-cream, shud hv immediately. 

Mom: Tujhe ladka pasand aaya ho to baat agey
chalayen. Girl: Ladka to theek hai but mota hai. Mom:
TV chahe 14" ka ho ya 29" ka remote 6" 
ka hi hota hai. 

How do u know when kids start to grow up?
Gals grow up when they start to put lipstick n boys
grow up when they 
start to wipe it off!

The most interesting thing about this sms is that by
the time you realize that nothing is written in it....
it would be too late for you to stop reading it! 

Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you
are good is like expecting the bull not to charge
because you are a vegetarian!

If I was a painter, u would be my painting. If I
was an author, you would be my story. If I was a
poet, you would be my poem. But 
unfortunately I am a psychiatrist.

Hi, keep messaging me and win exciting prizes:
3rd Prize: Lots of Luv.
2nd Prize:Longlasting friendship.
1st Priz: Free stay for Lifetime in my heart.

No matter how high the sky is, how deep the ocean is,
how strong the wind is, how wide the river is, I just
wanna tell u... it's none 
of ur business. is okay to wait for the right man to come
along but in the 
meantime have some fun with the wrong ones.

Well, they do say opposite attracts... So I sincerely
'hope' you meet somebody who is attractive, honest,
intelligent, and cuultured.

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