Friday, October 16, 2009



The dark clouds started moving. The pleasant reddish sun
started rising in the east. The beautiful flowers started
to bloom. The mild cool breeze slowly makes you feel
fresh. Get up dear friend, It's time to wake up. Gud Morning.

No one can go back & make a new beginning but anyone
can start from now & make a happy ending! Hope u'll have
a day that starts right & ends Happy!

In soft gleaming night of stars, may all your dreams come true.
May every star of every night, bring love and joy to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

A lovely message for a lovely person from a lovely friend
for a lovely reason at a lovely time from a lovely mind in a
lovely mood in a lovely style to wish u a Gud Day!

God's love has no limit. God's Grace has no measure. God's
power knows no boundaries. May u have God's endless blessings
today and forever.

Whatever is warm & inspiring, whatever means most to you,
whatever makes you smile & brings you joy that's what I wish
for U! Have a great Weekend.

Don't take life too seriously & always find time to laugh coz
laughter not only add years to ur life, but adds more Life
to ur Years. Have nice day!

Life ends when u stop Dreaming; Hope ends when u stop
Believing; Luv ends when u stop Caring; So Dream, Believe n
Care, Life is really Beautiful

A Morning is a wonderful blessing, either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call Life.
 Gud Morning & Have a nice day.

Happiness keeps u Sweet; Trials Make u Strong; Sorrows
keep u Human; Failure makes  u Humble; Success keeps u
glowing & God keeps u going! God Bless U!

Faith makes everything possible, Hope makes everything work
Love makes everything beautiful. May u have all the three as u
begin each day. Gud Morning!

Life is a book, we all read it; Luv is blessing, we all need it.
Always b Happy, always
have a Smile, Remember in this World we r just for While.

Life is a series of collisions with the future.

A late night greeting doesn't only mean good night It has
a silent msg saying... U R my last thought at night.

May your salty day be peppered with spicy love. May
u bask in lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields,
under a vanilla sky. In short have a Yummy day!

A wish is just a wish. A resolution is just a resolution.
But, goals have deadlines & are stepping stones down the
path, the stair-case to your dreams. Gud luck !

Delay is the enemy of efficiency, and waiting is the
enemy of utilization. So...don't delay anything and don't
 wait for anything. Dud Day!

When you want to enjoy life, think today as your life's
First day. When you want to achieve something in life,
think today as your life's Last day. Have a Gr8 Day!

Success is like a beautiful girl it will leave us at any
time, but failure is like a mother it will teach us some
important lessons of life. Gud Day!

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet
voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.
Gud Night!

Morning is not only a surprise but a beautiful miracle of
God that defeats the darkness and spreads the light. May
this be a beautiful day. Gud Morning.

If life is a game, I wish you to win. If life is a journey,
I wish you to walk on roses. If life is a joy, I wish you to always
smile. Have a great & successful day.

Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each
other for few hours. Happy journey into the world of dreams.
 Gud Night and Sweet Dreams.

We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief
requirements of life, when all that we need to make
us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. Gud Day!

Wrap a rainbow of joy in ur heart, let the sun paint
a smile on ur face, remove all clouds of doubt & fear
and receive God's Gift of Life. Good Morning.

Through each day our goal is to touch one's heart;
encourage one's mind & inspire one's soul. May u
continually b blessed & b a blessing to others! Gud Day!

Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every
sunrise give us, one day more to hope! So, hope for
the best. Good Day & Good Luck!

Rich people travel in cars, poor people travel in carts
but people like you travel in hearts. Have a gud day!

We never hv what we like, we never like what we hv
still we live, luv n hope that some day we'll get what
we luv or luv what we hv! That's life. Hv a nice day!

With atomic and meteoric regards, my volcanic
impulse trembles every time I greet a person
with a magnitude of character and charm like you.

Let everyday b a dream u can touch. Let everyday
b a luv u can feel. Let everyday b a reason to live
bcoz life indeed is beautiful. Have a Gud day.

Night has ended for another day, morning has come in a
special way. May U smile like the sunny rays & leave ur
 worries at the blue blue bay.

Things to take note when u sleep: Miss me, think of me,
hug me, and love me. Try to sleep now and close ur eyes
 Get prepared to dream of me. Good Night!

As day turns to NIGHT, keep your worries out of
SIGHT. No matter how TOUGH the world may seem
you still deserve the SWEETEST DREAM ! GUD NIGHT!

It must have been a rainy day when you were born,
but it wasn't really rain, the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel!

Through each day our goal is 2 touch one's heart;
encourage one's mind & inspire one's soul. May u
continually b blessed and b a blessing to others! GUD DAY!

Receive my simple gift of GOOD MORNING wrapped
with sincerity, tied with care and sealed with a prayer
to keep u safe n happy all day long! Take Care!

Hey listen....two people were asking me about u, I gave
them ur address and cell no. They will b visiting
u soon. Their names r Joy n Happiness.

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