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 Man: Is there any way for long life?
Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of long life will never come.

Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?
It's a formality just like two boxers shaking hands
before the fight begins!

Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should
we do?
Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.

It's funny when people discuss Love Marriage vs
It's like asking someone, if suicide is better or being

It is difficult to understand GOD. He makes such
beautiful things as women and then he turns them into
Wives !

A man who surrenders when he's wrong, is Honest. A man
who surrenders
when not Sure, is Wise. A man who surrenders even
if he's Right, is a Husband.

If u r married please ignore this msg, for everyone
else: Happy Independence Day

Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking
about something you say. After marriage, he'll fall
asleep before you finish.

There's a way of transferring funds that is even
faster than electronic banking. It's called marriage

Aadmi shaadi kyon karta hai?
Takee vo marne ke baad agar Swarg jaye to achcha
feel kare aur agar Nark jaye to homely feel kare...

Man: Is there any way 4 long life?
Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of a long life will never
come to u again!

Q: What is the next thing one should do after winning
an argument with the wife ?
A: Apologise !!!

Man: Sir, my wife is missing.
Postman: Yeh post office hai, police station nahi.
Man: Kya karu? Kahan jau? Khushi k maare kuchh
samajh me nahi aa raha.

Meaning of Marriage for a woman: Sacrificing
admiration of many men for the criticism of one man!

Mummy: Beta kyun ro rahe ho?
Beta: Papa ne mujhe kissi nahi di.
Mummy: Beta, aap ne papa ko tables nahi sunaye honge.
Beta: Kaam wali ko kaun se tables aate hein.

Husband: Tumse Shaadi Karke Mujhe Ek Bahut Bada
Faayda Hua Hai.
Wife: Woh Kya?
Husband: Mujhe Mere Gunaaho ki Saza Jeete-Jee Hi
Mil Gayi!

Why are wives more dangerous than the Mafia?
The mafia wants either ur money or life... The wives
want both!

A man is the head of the family and the wife is the neck.
The neck turns
the head exactly the way it wants.

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