Monday, October 12, 2009


I still believe that love is all you need- Paul Mccartney

An excellent saying"The Dream is not what you see in
sleep,Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.

MORNINGis a GOD s way of Saying : ONE MOR

Genuine People r those, who r without hesitation,
remember without  limitations, forgive without any
explanations & love even with  little

Just 3 steps to enjoy life-
1) control ur self
2) look for alternaive solution
3) delete the situation
     which gives u tension..

Sath rahne se rishte nahi tuta krte, waqt ki dhundh se
lamhe nahi  tuta karte,Log kahte hai mera sapna tuta
gaya, tuti to nind he, sapne nahi tuta krte.

In Life Every Situation has a Hope & an End.It
Depends On U, How U Deal With Them.U Can Look
At It As a Hopeless End.OrAs  an Endless hope.

HOW NICE THOUGHTS1. Pray as if evrything
depends on GOD &  work as if evrything
depends on u.2. To handle urself use ur head &
2  handle others, use ur heart...

Arj Kiya Hei,Zndgi Mere Ansuon Me Dhal Gyi,
Sare Zamne Ki Mujse  Nzar Bdal Gayi. Wqt Ne
Aisa Sitam Kiya Hai YaroKe Har Arzu Mre  Hatho
Se Fisal Gayi.

Tanhai na paye koi,kisi k sath k baad..Judai na paye
koi,kisi mulakat k baad...Na pade kisi ko adat
kisi ki itni..k har saans  b aaye kisi ki yaad ke baad.

God has seen u struggling.God says its over. A
blessing is comin  ur way. If u believe in God send to
ten people Dont ignore u r  being tested.
(U never know.)

Prem PURUSH k jivan ki ek GHATNA hai,ESTREE k
jivan ka  sarvasva  PREM hi hai.              -BAAYRAN

Affection doesnt require so much of effort..even wen
al rbusy with  their own lives..a simple smsreminds dat 
affectionatepeople r not forgotten..

Happines is nt smthing u postpone for the future. It's
smthing u design  for the present. Make each
moment a happy one.

Khasiyat to itni nahi humme har dil me hum bus
jaaye,per itna jauroor  kh skte ki bhulana nahi
aasan jis dil me hum bus jaaye.

Zindgi jine k 2 tarike hain....1) jo "PASAND" hai use
'HASIL' karna  sikh loYa phir2) jo 'HASIL' hai use 
'PASAND' karna sikh lo

Waves Are Inspiring,
Not Becuse They Rise And Fall,
But Becuase They Never Fail To Rise Again.
Have A Rising Day.
Good afternoon?

Smiles are like birds that fly from face to face...
may your lips give them 
a NEST so that they can live there forever,

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